To Begin,

We see ourselves as a team of explorers who wish to support and guide you in the development and implementation of insightful, creative and dynamic marketing and communications programmes that transcend your customers (and your own) expectations.

A team of individuals with extensive experience both in the International and regional markets in the field of Business Development, Marketing consultancy, and communications. Most recently the founding team held senior and tactical positions within successful agencies overseas and in South Africa.


A Communication Retailer (Boutique): Stingray offers a range of services. You choose the ones you require from our portfolio. We then provide a team of experts to work in partnership with your team in the successful development and implementation of these needs.


We know that square pegs do not fit into round holes. Every marketing and communications program has to be individually tailored.

We don't know the answers to all business issues… Our job is to find out who does and to ask them!

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